Retallack Summer 2013 Schedule

Once again Retallack Lodge is proud to announce the release of our summer 2013 mountain biking schedule. Trail crews are out, new lines are being built, and the excitement is building for our 3rd year of professionally guided MTB vacations. No crowds, Tacky fresh dirt, all … [Read more...]

Retallack featured in National Geographic’s Adventure Blog ~ Beyond The Edge.

Mountain Biking Legendary Retallack Lodge's Extraordinary New Trails by Chad Spector. Click HERE for the full story.   … [Read more...]

The Retallack office has now moved to: 191 Baker Street Unit F Nelson V1L 4H1 … [Read more...] Retallack Summer MTB 2012

Retallack Mountain Biking

For more photos from Garrett Grove, Mason Mashon and information regarding our newly released summer 2012 mountain biking schedule. Check out … [Read more...]

Ride like a Girl! The AllRide Chronicles

Retallack Girl's Mountain Bike Retreat

Lorraine walks everyone through the stunt.  Ride Powerful, yet soft, like a woman.... Day 2: Helicopter drop off on top of a trail called POWERSLAVE... Check it out here FOR ALL PHOTOS CLICK HERE!! Well, here we go again. Another update where I can't express … [Read more...]

Red Bull, Tanner Hall, Eric Iberg, Inspired Media, Retallack: The Movie rock LA at X-Dance premiere!

Tanner Hall

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011 @ 08:34:57 AM - THE SKI CHANNEL This reporter has been to many an LA premiere of a ski film.  Back in the day Warren Miller used to pack the Santa Monica Civic.  Poor Boyz Triple Threat certainly nailed the mansion show last year and without getting … [Read more...]

“Retallack – The Movie” Now Released

Tanner Hall

Inspired Media Concepts in association with Red Bull Media House, Armada, Dakine, and Retallack is proud to announce the release of “Retallack: The Movie” DVD and Digital Download is now available for purchase at On what … [Read more...]

Retallack: The Movie – teaser


Retallack: The Movie - teaser. On what has developed to become one of the best snow seasons in recent history – Tanner Hall and Co. will take you on a ride of pure powder bliss. Retallack Lodge has cultivated a unique ski culture — rich in history, salt-of-the-earth … [Read more...]

Retallack Part 2: ‘Popcorn Cliffs’


This is so just gonna be just like in the movies... By /  Posted on April 10, 2011 Our guide (a snowboarder) demanded that Charley Ager call this 'in reverse' instead of switch. Photo: Blake Jorgenson   (Ed’s note: This is part 2 of a series—see … [Read more...]

Retallack, Part 1: To Infinity and Beyond


This is so just gonna be just like in the movies... By /  Posted on March 29, 2011 Plenty of texture here (Charley Ager). Photo: Blake Jorgenson  By Jon Hartley A youth spent consuming every ski video that anyone bothered to release on VHS or DVD has … [Read more...]