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Welcome to Retallack, your gateway to some of the finest mountain adventures in all of creation. Immersed in pure British Columbia wilderness, way far gone in the Selkirk Mountains, we guarantee radicalness, huge days, exclusive access, and mind-blowingly good times. You will never be the same. We promise.


Professionally Guided Gravity Mountain Biking

From freeride to all-mountain to downhill, our huge network of trail caters to a wide variety of riding skill level and style. They also drop off the top of remote peaks, winding through pristine forests full of wonderous berms and flowy jumps. It’s your own private bike park. And the dirt, well, we call it brown pow. It’s that awesome.


Professionally Guided Catskiing & Boarding

Located at the perfect confluence of snow, terrain and vibe, at Retallack we take you to epic trees, wide-open bowls, and alpine chutes from your dreams. Our vast snowcat road network and 20 years of catskiing experience allows us to provide you with an adventurous riding experience that puts backcountry safety as our number one priority. Of course, huge fun is mandatory.

Our Partners

We collaborate with some of the best companies in the universe.

The Mountains

The Mountains

At Retallack, we like to rack up the down. Our extensive road network allows us direct access to the alpine in both summer and winter. On a typical day you can expect between 15,000 to 20,000 vertical feet of catskiing shred. Rest-assured, your legs will be screaming hot tub by the time we hit the lodge. Endless beauty days. Always. Learn more.
The Lodge

The Lodge

Adventurers have been carving their way through this remote neck of the woods since the late 1800s. Today, we just do it in a little more style. Our 11,000- square-foot lodge sits at the bottom of our massive mountain playground and comes stock with gourmet food, a lively bar, massage, outdoor 12-person hot tub, private rooms with comfy beds and most of all, great times full of story and cheer. Learn more.


At Retallack we live what we’ve created. As the owners, we get it. We shred, our staff shreds, you then shall shred. We’ve designed the business around the pinnacles of what it means to adventure in the mountains. A pervasive sensibility that includes the notion of challenge, teamwork, inspiration, safety, fun, creativity, and the idea that a certain sense of “send it” must drive everything we do. Learn more.


The outdoors is where we play every day, therefore, we do everything in our power to ensure our impact is as minimal as possible. As a result, we’re a leader when it comes to the outdoor adventure industry, we were the first operation to receive the prestigious 4-Green Key Eco-Rating. Our lodge is completely self- sufficient and off-the- grid, with all of our power supplied by our own hydroelectric plant. Learn more.


Pull up a log end, grab a Neglin nail and hear the many stories that go on at Retallack Lodge every day. There are some real beauties.

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