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Catskiing Booking Policies

Terms & Conditions

Upon making a reservation at Retallack, all guests agree to these terms and conditions:

  • All guests are required to sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement before being allowed to ski with us. By signing this document, guests will waive certain legal rights, including the right to sue. All claims – irrespective of a guest’s nationality – shall be governed in all respects by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of British Columbia, Canada. All guests must be 19 years of age or older upon signing the waiver. Please read this waiver carefully. The waiver in your booking package and on the Retallack website is a SAMPLE ONLY. You will sign the real document when you arrive at Retallack Lodge.
  • Retallack Lodge has no control or responsibility for the weather.
  • Alcohol, non-prescription drugs, and marijuana (including medical) are not permitted while skiing or boarding at Retallack.
  • For your safety and that of our guests and staff, if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any fever, cold-like (i.e. runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat) or gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms (i.e. nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) please DO NOT show up at the lodge.
  • Anybody who has experienced gastrointestinal symptoms (i.e. nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) must be symptom-free for at least 72 hrs prior to arrival at the lodge.

You will NOT be allowed to join a Retallack trip if within 14 days prior to the start of your trip:

  1. you have not yet been vaccinated with a Canadian Health Authority approved vaccine.
  2. you have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with novel coronavirus (COVID-19); or
  3. you have been diagnosed with novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
  4.  If you have any symptoms of gastrointestinal illness.

Please be advised that you will also undergo additional screening upon arrival at the lodge

We are also NOT responsible for the cancellation/inability of a guest to attend their trip due to having tested positive for COVID or being turned away from an international border.

Please review a detailed copy of our terms and conditions here.

Ability Levels

Guests at Retallack should be advanced to expert level skiers or snowboarders. Note: An expert skier or snowboarder on groomed slopes may be an intermediate skier or snowboarder in powder. We recommend that all guests be in good physical condition. Powder skis and snowboards, which make powder skiing / riding much more effortless and enjoyable, are available for rent at Retallack Lodge.

Payment Details

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD). We require a 25% non-refundable initial deposit to reserve your space. An additional 25% payment is due by May 1 and the remaining 50% balance is due on October 1. A 50% deposit is required if booking after May 1 and a 100% deposit is required if booking after October 1. These payments will be automatically charged to the card we have on file for you, unless we have been notified differently. We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, certified cheques or bank drafts in Canadian Dollars, or wire transfers (please contact us for banking details).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received in writing 180 days prior to your arrival will be refunded in full minus your 25% non-refundable initial deposit. Cancellations received within 180 days of your arrival are 100% non-refundable. If 50% payment has not been received by the May 1 deadline or 100% final payment has not been received by the October 1 deadline, Retallack reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice and re-sell the space. Retallack strongly recommends that guests purchase Trip Cancellation or Interruption Insurance (see Insurance section). Please also note that insurance must be purchased when you make the deposit payment for your trip. You can access the online insurance application at Acera Insurance. Please ask the office for any additional details at the time you book your trip.


Retallack provides Emergency Medical Coverage including Ambulance/Evacuation insurance as part of your package purchase. This coverage will only be in place while you are our guest. All claims do require that you be seen by a physician.

We understand that occasionally events occur that prevent you from joining us for your ski or bike vacation. Please pay special attention to our Cancellation and Refunds Terms.

To avoid any financial hardship that an unexpected cancellation or interruption could cause, we strongly recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation/Interruption to protect your trip investment. Trip Cancellation/Interruption costs about 5% of your trip cost and it’s worth the peace of mind!

Contact our preferred provider Acera Insurance and they can provide you with a quote for Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Cancellation will insure the prepaid non-refundable travel costs before you depart. Interruption covers off your lost trip and unexpected out of pocket costs if your trip is interrupted after you start your trip.

What can happen? Missed connections, schedule changes, your own accident or injury, a travel companion or family member becomes ill, or even loss of employment. These events could cause you to cancel your trip or cause a disruption. Generally, Trip Cancellation costs about 5% of your trip cost and it’s worth the peace of mind. It is highly recommended that all guests purchase Trip Cancellation/Interruption.

Important Notice:

Backcountry or regional restriction/closure or evacuation due to avalanche risk, state of emergency or civil authority, that cause you to interrupt or cancel your vacation is not covered by insurance and will not be reimbursed or refunded by Retallack.

Note that inclement weather, poor conditions that impact the quality or enjoyment of your trip is not covered by insurance providers.

Visiting Canada as a Tourist

Most people need a Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. (US Citizens will only require a passport).

Be prepared: Apply for an eTA as soon as possible. Most applicants are approved within minutes. However, there is the possibility of a delay or a denial.

It is recommended you arrange your eTA as soon as possible to pre-determine your entry status.

Retallack, is not responsible, or liable to make any refunds, for guests who are denied an eTA. Note that a denied or delayed eTA or denied entry at the Canadian Border is not covered by Travel Insurance.

Guest Transfer Policy

Your 25% initial deposit is non-refundable. In the event that you are unable to attend your trip with us, an administration fee of $100 CAD (plus applicable taxes) will be charged for any transfer request made for the following scenarios:

    • You make a new booking within the same season or calendar year.
    • You find a replacement guest for your booking (name change).
    • We ask that the office be informed of the name change as soon as possible.  Retallack reserves the right to cancel trips at any time. Under no circumstance is  Retallack responsible for the clients’ inconvenience or travel expenses.

Re-Booking Terms

Our current guests have the Right of First Refusal for the equivalent timeslot the following year. This option expires 14 days after the end of your trip and you lose your priority for your future requested slot. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit upon rebooking, an additional 25% by May 1 and the remainder of the 50% balance on October 1.

To keep the dates, we must receive your deposits by these dates. We will not hold dates without a deposit. There will be no exceptions to this policy. If 50% payment has not been received by the May 1 deadline or 100% final payment has not been received by the October 1 deadline, Retallack reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice and re-sell the space. Retallack strongly recommends that guests purchase Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance. Please ask the office for details at the time you book your trip.

Refund Policy

A snowcat can operate in virtually any type of snow and weather and Retallack has a backup snowcat in the event of a mechanical breakdown. In the rare case that skiing must be cancelled due to mechanical failure, Retallack will provide ski credits for the time missed, which can be applied to a future trip. All credits have a two-year expiration date (see CREDIT POLICY below). We will not provide a refund or credit for accommodation or meals that have been used.

There is no guarantee on the conditions that you will encounter during your trip, and Retallack does not provide refunds or future ski credits if we are unable to ski or snowboard due to poor or hazardous conditions of if you cannot or do not want to ski for any reason. Retallack does not provide refunds for weather or snow stability issues; health-related issues; cancellations due to border crossing problems; personal or family emergencies; illness or injuries. Retallack reserves the right to cancel tours at any time, and future credits will be given in this situation at Retallack’s discretion. Under no circumstances is Retallack responsible for the clients’ inconvenience or travel expenses.

Credit Policy

In the event that Retallack issues a credit to a guest, unless stated otherwise, that credit will expire two years from the date of issue. For example, a credit issued on December 15, 2014 will expire on December 15, 2016.

In the above example, this timeline allows the skier to utilize the credit for the remainder of the 2014/15 season, the full 2015/16 season, and the beginning of the 2016/17 season.

Credits are held in the guest’s name, however they can be utilised as follows:

    • Put towards the cost of a future trip for the guest
    • Sold to another skier
    • Gifted to a friend or family member

In order to continue to be valid, the transfer of any credit (either by sale or gift) must be communicated to Retallack by e-mail, or in writing, by the original recipient of the credit.

Late Arrivals

Retallack cannot make exceptions for any reason including: weather issues; health-related issues; border crossing problems; personal or family emergencies; illness or injuries and is not responsible for any lost skiing time (including missing ski runs from having to undergo a separate safety briefing). There is no refund for arriving or leaving early.

Liquor Policy

Due to the specifics of British Columbia Liquor Laws, any alcohol on the premises must be purchased under our liquor license. As a result, guests are not permitted to bring their own alcohol to Retallack Lodge and will be asked to leave it in their own vehicle. Retallack Lodge is stocked with a full selection of beers and spirits and has a full range of British Columbia wines along with a limited selection of high-end wines from around the world. Please contact our office for special requests.

Harassment (sexual, physical, verbal), bullying & violence against retallack staff policy.

Retallack is committed to preventing workplace harassment, bullying and violence and providing a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity and protected from violence. Workplace harassment, bullying or violence will not be tolerated from any staff member, guest or third parties at Retallack.

Harassment (including sexual, physical, or any inappropriate vexatious conduct or comment by a person towards a worker that the person knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause that worker to be humiliated, offended or intimidated), bullying, and violence at Retallack is unacceptable from anyone in and around these premises.

Retallack will take whatever steps are reasonable to protect our workers from workplace harassment, bullying and violence from all sources. By entering Retallack’s premises you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Retallack, its respective directors, officers, employees, guides, agents, independent contractors, subcontractors, representatives, successors, and assigns from and against any liabilities, losses, claims, demands, costs (including without limitation legal fees) and expenses arising in connection with the application and enforcement of this policy. You also agree that any rights, duties and obligations that may arise between the parties to this policy shall be governed by and interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia and no other jurisdiction.

Guests or third parties that violate this policy may be subject to the following actions at the sole discretion of Retallack management:

  • Be asked to leave Retallack’s premises;
  • Be permanently or temporarily banned from Retallack’s premises;
  • Be reported to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) whose detachments are located in nearby Kaslo and New Denver.

Under no circumstances is Retallack responsible for the guests’ or third parties’ inconvenience or travel expenses or for providing a refund or future credit as a result of the application or enforcement of this policy.

Retallack staff (including managers, supervisors, sub-contractors, and workers) are expected to uphold both this policy and Retallack’s internal Workplace Harassment, Bullying and Violence Policy, and will be held accountable by Retallack to work together to prevent workplace harassment, bullying and violence. Any incidents of sexual/physical/verbal harassment, bullying or violence are to be immediately reported by either guests or staff members to Retallack management.