Have a look at the current weather and mountain conditions at Retallack.

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Winter Packing Checklist

Unlike many other catskiing and boarding operations, Retallack is accessible by car on well-maintained highways, so you don’t have to worry about baggage limitations on helicopters, snowmobiles, boats, or other vehicles. Basically, you should pack as you would for any other skiing holiday. Here is a sample packing list:

What to bring:

    • Plane ticket
    • Passport – if you’re crossing the US / Canadian border.
    • Maps and Directions – see the Getting Here and Location Map sections on our website
    • Personal Medications
    • Personal Toiletries / Hair Dryer
    • Ski / snowboard boots – don’t forget to pack them in your hand luggage, just in case your checked luggage gets delayed or goes missing.
    • Ski / snowboard clothing – we recommend that you dress in layers as you’ll be skiing a wide range of elevations and temperatures.
    • Ski / snowboard equipment – unless you’re renting your skis or snowboard from us.
    • Extra gloves / goggles
    • Swimsuit – for the sauna and hot tub.
    • Après ski and board clothing – the dress code at Retallack is casual so you can leave the penguin suit or tiara at home.
    • Sunscreen
    • Camera
    • Guitars, banjos, mouth organs or other musical instruments of choice – we’re always up for a jam session.
    • Powder straps – they’re not essential but they can be handy if you lose a ski in deep powder
    • A positive attitude

What not to bring:

    • Alcohol. By law all alcohol on the premises must be purchased under our liquor license. However, we have a well-stocked cellar of wines and serve a full selection of beers and spirits. And if you have any special requests – such as a specific bottle or wine or liquor – we are happy to accommodate wherever we can.
    • Avalanche transceivers – we’ll supply you with a top-of-the-range model.
    • First aid kits.
    • Boot dryers – we have a drying room at the lodge.
    • Ski / snowboard tuning equipment – we have a wax and tuning room with everything you need for tuning and repairing your ski gear.