Have a look at the current weather and mountain conditions at Retallack.

Full Weather and Conditions


Flicking the Mountain Bike switch

Yes – we are now LIVE! Our guided backcountry mountain biking season is in full swing. Big thanks to our new guests! We hope you enjoyed it as much we did. We love to hear your feedback so that we can continue to make our new mountain biking program as best as possible. Here’s a quote from our new friend Mike…

“I’ve ridden pretty much everywhere… Whistler Valley, North Shore, BC Interior, Moab, almost all of Vancouver Island…and found the trails by Retallack to be the most fun I’ve ever had on my bike. For the cost of me doing a Whistler long weekend, I got to experience sweet singletrack, epic descents, amazing views, while enjoying being in a small group as opposed to a salmon run. All topped off with sweet accommodation and amazing food.

The guides at Retallack are really the best part of the trip. I was kind of intimidated about riding with a bunch of pro-riders, but it was like riding with some new friends. They were able to offer a lot of pointers and session a few features. My riding progressed more in three days than in the last three years.

Overall, it was just an amazing experience and was the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike trip!”

Mike, needless to say, thank you for your kind words and…..YOU ROCK!

We’re not going to say anymore and just these photos do the talking…

Photos courtesy of Kris McMechan