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Texas Build: Progress Report #1 – The Beginning

For years we have gazed a the close but just out of reach peak called “Texas”.  Although it sits a little lower than our crowning jewel “Reco Peak”, Texas has a much more humbling presence. It’s steep, dark, sharp looking, north facing and desolate. Below it lies a basin that looks like a graveyard for car sized boulders. Still, it has become a large blip on our radar. People stand in awe of it in the winter as it towers above our alpine ridge lines, now we make the choice to scout a bike trail off it.

The trail crew sets off to plan the most ambitious trail project yet. One that perfectly blends our flowy handbuilt work-of-art single track with Texas’s naturally steep and rugged features. We’ve never stuck to any specific guideline of how-to-build-trails, how the trail is built is mostly determined by the terrain we are given. We can’t fight this one, it would most certainly win.


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