Retallack is surrounded by four of British Columbia’s most beautiful provincial parks. To the north is Goat Range, home of the fabled white grizzly bear. To the east, Purcell – setting for the breathtaking Lake of the Hanging Glacier, whose iceberg-dotted waters are ringed by majestic 11,000 foot (3,000 metre) peaks. Kokanee to the south is known for its famous glacier, as well as some of the prettiest scenery in the Selkirk Mountains. Meanwhile, the sheer cliffs of Valhalla – named after the heavenly halls of Norse mythology – face us on our west.

Thanks to our unique location, Retallack is a nature-lover’s paradise. Grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, wolverines, coyotes, cougars, martens, marmots, lynx, elk, moose and white-tailed deer are just some of the animals that roam our lands. It’s not uncommon to see bears ambling through an alpine meadow, herds of elk grazing in a natural clearing or mountain goats threading their way across a remote rocky outcrop. If you’re lucky, you may even see a lynx or cougar stealing silently through the trees.

In addition to wildlife, Retallack also offers gorgeous surroundings. In summer, you can mountain-bike through ancient forests of fir, larch, pine, birch, cedar and hemlock; grab your camera and head for our flower-strewn alpine meadows; refresh your spirits with a stroll through our grove of 800 year-old cedars; or just sit back and admire the spectacular mountain scenery.